Lab or Whatever You Call It by Morgan Riccobene

Dissect me.
Tear out my insides, call it adapting
evolving, part of your biology
I squirm, pinned by your processes.
Call it science, and I-
will call it as it is,
Murder me.
Keep me captive, I leap free
while you all leap to conclusions,
like frenzied flies to ponds
of sugar water placebo pills.
My strong legs bound, but I-
am not free,
Free me.
Cut me loose instead of open,
send me to the pond. You call it
breeding. I call it family.
One escapes, you call it a taboo dinner,
and my heart is bleeding on the table,
a practice autopsy, but I know the cause
of death, and I-
will call it as it is.

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