The Summer Ends by Evan Goodfellow

On the way home
The sky was gold ribbons and pink lemonade
And as the sun dragged down it darkened to a soothing purple.
My heart hurt,
and the breathing trees sighed 
and fluttered in the whispering wind
at the ending day.
I wanted to die; 
But nothing could be done,
at least not with my family watching.
My brothers and my sister were all okay,
All was well,
but while their heads are turned
I feel the complications of my body,
The suffocation in my brain,
The carrion of my spirit,
And I know if I had the chance 
I’d tangle myself in the shimmering cloths 
And plunge into the violet sweetness.
When the purple gave way to black
I was in the city,
My spirit filling out the shoulders 
Of a softcore drug addict.
I slide into this body’s frame 
And I struggle to bear its weight 
but I smoke away its heavy shackles
and all the dreams that are interlinked
And from the high balcony
My red eyes stare down at the beautiful streets
And see the ugly story of the world unfold.
In early morning 
still dazed from the delirious night
I walk alone in the brightening orange light.
The smell of soccer practice 
rises from the neat lawns.
I can feel things falling apart.
And through the drying leaves 
Of the strong hearted trees
Comes a cold new wind
That tells me
Autumn will hurt me in ways I cannot describe
And will be beautiful in ways I cannot appreciate.
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