How to Grow Up by Alexander LePine

      1 egg to begin
      3 cups of sugar to set you off
            maybe even 4 (if you're lucky)
      A dash of bitter herbs as you
            scrape your knees on the playground
            for the first time
      Stir it up with a yardstick
            And spice with salt and cilantro and habanero
            to taste
      Move on with a sprinkle of
            chocolate powder
            chef boyardee
            cartoon reruns
            sleepless nights
            (in a good way)
      1, 2, 3, 4
      Huge chunks of bonito
      chip through them slow with tooth and nail
            get frustrated
            give up
            try again
      Douse it over with chocolate syrup and frozen pizza
      and water bottles named Saturday and Sunday

      (The bitter herbs from scraping your knees on the playground
            for the last time
      get lost in all the others
      so much so that you only notice the aftertaste
            much later)

      Move on with a plastic degree
      and the thought of a future
      A thousand kisses, blend them finely
      add more alcohol than you care to admit and more than you can handle
            pizza rolls
            ramen noodles
            mountains of papers
            sleepless nights
            (in a bad way)
      flambè on high heat
      get baked at 420
      throw it all in the oven
            and pray

      Move on
            if you are able to
      A kind glance to a stranger
      A few dollars to a beggar
      Words when they are needed
      Silence when they aren't
      And patience with yourself
      As the bread rises
      And the water boils
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