Submissions are closed for the Spring 2023 issue! You can continue to send us your work and it will be considered for the Fall 2023 issue.


  • Submit to
  • Must submit using a Rowan student email, we only publish undergraduate work
  • Please indicate that you are sending submissions to Avant in the subject line
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email in a week (during the fall and spring semesters), we may not have received your work, so please double-check the email you sent it to or send a follow-up email!
  • All submissions will be reviewed anonymously during meetings, but we will credit accepted authors and artists accordingly in the magazine unless we have discussed something otherwise
  • If you submit after the deadline, your work will be considered for the following semester’s publication unless you won’t be an undergraduate anymore.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions
  • Please submit everything in separate documents (Ex: 3 different poems should be in 3 different documents, a poem and a picture should also be in separate files)
  • If you need clarification, or have a question that pertains to something you want to submit/have already submitted, feel free to send us an email!

Written Submissions

  • We accept poetry, prose, fiction, creative nonfiction, and excerpts from longer pieces that work as standalones (scripts, novels, etc.)
  • Must be under 2,000 words
  • Must be a Google Doc or Word document, no .PDFs
  • Please clarify whether you want your work to remain untitled, if you would like to title your work at a later point, or if your work is titled “Untitled”

Photo/Art Submissions

  • We accept digital photography and pictures/scans of physical art
  • Please make sure the picture or scan is high quality (no obstructive shadows, not grainy, etc.) or we cannot accept it
  • Acceptable formats include: .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, and .PDF if absolutely necessary
  • Please title your work in the file name, or indicate that you would like to leave it untitled
  • Your work may be selected for the front and/or back cover of the magazine!


  • You own the copyright of your work by default!
  • If you’re accepted, we assume that you have agreed to be published in our print issue unless you rescind the piece before we send it to our printer (typically 3-4 weeks after the submission deadline)
  • By agreeing to be published, you give Avant the following rights:
    • Serial: The right to publish your work in print
    • Non-exclusive: Your work can be submitted to and published in other publications! There are still professional magazines that will only accept work that has never been published before, however our issue circulation is under 500 copies, so some magazines will consider your work.
  • We will always ask for your permission to publish something online (whether on this website, or our social media)

Last updated 09/08/22

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