If a Writer Falls in Love With You by Eunice Nepomuceno

if one day
someone falls in love with you
let it not be a writer
a writer will write epics about trivial things like
shoulders brushing
or eye contact
pages upon pages of small gestures they overthought
for nights on end
pencil in hand
heart in the other
ready to devote both to you
do not make a writer fall for you
they will write soliloquies about the color of your eyes
or create a language based on what you mumble in your sleep
they know how to cherish words
those that make pages turn
those that inspire them to write novels
those that make reality seem like fiction
do not make a writer fall for you
unless you are prepared to have biographies more accurate than
autobiographies of you
and articles on all your little quirks
and analysis essays on the way you say their name
do not make a writer fall for you
unless you fell for them, too
until you have decoded their syntax and their diction
until you know the meaning behind every cryptic analogy
until you are proven a credible source of “I love you’s” and pinky promises
words are the bricks by which they build a home
metaphors are the stained glass windows they greet the sun rays through every morning
syllogisms are their daily routines
juxtaposition is how they arrange their mismatched furniture
the door is a rhetorical question
and it has always been locked
do not make a writer fall for you
because writers do not take words lightly

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